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LIWA being a beautiful historical place over 200 years old where Emirates Royals began with, today LIWA is recognized as lifestyle brand born in Dubai in the year of 2020.
Nutrition, healthy food, well-being and beauty are all our concerns and focus as LIWA.
Current products lines of LIWA are included camel milk powder, dates collection and skin-care series etc.
Our vision and mission are to enhance creativity, produce high quality products to benefit the maximum number of consumers.
Today LIWA aims to grow to be a first-class brand in UAE a leading country continued its legacy.
LIWA’s philosophy is to respect heritage, return nature, being integrity and doing quality, together let’s make our life better!


Camel Milk Powder 400gm


Camel Milk Powder 25gm

LIWA dp front (3)

Dried Date Powder

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Premium dates camel leather

Liwa Honey

Liwa Honey

Date Surprise Cookie

Date Surprise Cookie

Date Desert Cookie

Date Desert Cookie

Camel milk wonder cookie

Camel Milk Wonder Cookie

LIWA skincare products

Layer 5

Camel Milk Lavender Soap 100g

Layer 6

Camel Milk Handmade Frankincense Soap 100g

Layer 1

Camel Milk Handmade Charcoal Soap 100g

Layer 7

Camel Milk Handmade Baby Soap 100g

Layer 4

Camel Milk Tea Tree Soap 100g

Layer 2

Camel Milk Sweet Orange Soap 100g

Layer 3

Camel Milk Lemon Grass Soap 100g


Camel Milk Face Rescue 50ml

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