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Sidr Honey 500ML

AED 350 AED 499 -29% Off
  • SKU: WW-2443-6WE8B
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Sidr honey is rich in antioxidants and contains inherent antiseptic propertie.  

It is the ideal defense against invasive organisms.

LIWA Sidr honey is widely used as a medication to treat liver disease ulcers of the stomach lung infections; malnutrition;consequences; digestion problems constipation infections of eyes infections following burns wounds and surgery and general health and vitality

√ help fight illnesses and healing processes

√ relieves throat pain cough and flu symptoms

√ help with hangovers

√ pregnant women to protect the outdoors during childbirth

√ used for weight loss

√ zero fat and low sugar

√ help to potentially heal cancer bone cancer

√ it is used in the elimination of many diseases


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