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Super Negin Saffron

AED 30

It takes more than 150,000 handpicked purple crocus flowers to make one kilogram of saffron. Saffron being the most expensive spice in the world can cost more by the ounce than gold.

Iranians believe saffron serves as a natural antidepressant and helps fight Alzheimer’s and cancer. It is usually ground and mixed with hot water before being added to foods such as rice.

Saffron, king of all spices is derived from the flower of crocus sativus. Iran is responsible for around 90-93% of global production, which comes mainly from Iran’s drier eastern and southeastern provinces.

Saffron flowers which blossom only a few weeks every autumn are harvested early in the morning. Each flower has three tiny red stigmas which have to be carefully handpicked.


Stigmas cut this way provide maximum flavor. Tested and packed with a higher standard, grade 1 product. Features powerful coloring and flavoring capabilities to give flavor to your food products and dishes. Naturally Grown, 100% Pure Saffron, All-Red Saffron, Harvested by Hand. Dried saffron or saffron is composed of 65% carbohydrates, 6% fat, 11% protein, and 12% water. In comparison to other spices or dried foods, the nutrient content of dried saffron shows richness in the content of B vitamins and dietary minerals.

Liwa Luxury Saffron
• Liwa Luxury Saffron is 100 % natural & original. Liwa ensures that its products are in line with global quality standards.
• Saffron enhances the flavor, color, and aroma of the food. It can be used to prepare saffron rice, tea, cake, milk, etc. It has several health benefits for asthma (respiratory problems), relieve symptoms of sleep disorders and insomnia, fight against cancer, improving sexual health, remedy for menstrual disorders, remedy for the heart problems and also to improve eye sight.
• Origin: Iran
• Hand-Picked Threads
• No Additives or Preservatives 
• 100% Natural Fresh Saffron 
• Grade A+ Best Quality Saffron

INGREDIENTS: 100% natural negin Iranian saffron
STORAGE: store in cool & dry place away from direct light.


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