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Camel Milk Tea Tree Soap

AED 40
  • SKU: WW-2443-0ZJJT
  • Categories: Soap
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  • Tea tree oil helps to soothe and calm oily skins.
  • All-natural, with oodles of fresh camel milk and pure olive oil.
  • Free of parabens, sulphates, and other nasties.
  • Gently wash skin impurities to remove redness and acne
  • Made with safe ingredients that leave your skin clean and nourished
  • Ideal to use at home or carry on your travels
  • Great to add to your personal and skin care essentials

LIWA camel milk soap from the world’s largest camel milk handmade soap manufacturer, Pure natural, handmade. Sustainable Environmental friendly is a consistent theme of products. The specialty of camel milk soap: Moisturizing, repairing, whiten skin, shrink pores, delay aging at an organic whole, effectively improve all kinds of skin problems, powerful to oil, dirt and shrink pores, have the effect of clean thoroughly, and better able to absorb the moisture skin, restore elasticity and luster, camel milk handmade soap mild stimulus, for all kinds of skin are very friendly. All products have certification from the United Arab emirates and the European Union.


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