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LIWA Vivel Crunchy pearl 300g

110,00 د.إ

A crunch chocolate made by mixing dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel chocolate, and white chocolate. The small crunch series chocolate spreads the flavor of chocolate in your mouth the moment you put it in your mouth. Also, the gap between the crispy texture when you see it and when you eat it becomes a habit.

<Size> 140mm x diameter 52mm

<Contents> Contents: 150g / Total weight: 163g

<Preservation method> Store below 28°C, avoiding high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight

<28 specified raw materials> Milk ingredients, wheat, Soybeans

<Ingredients> Sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, biscuit cereal (wheat flour, sugar, malt, wheat starch, salt, cocoa butter), cocoa beans, caramel (non-fat milk, whey powder, sugar, butter) skimmed milk powder, whey Powder, butter/emulsifier, glaze, flavoring, leavening agent, (contains milk ingredients, wheat, and soybeans)

<Nutritional information> Per 100g: calorie 502.4kcal, protein 6.0g, fat 30.7g, carbohydrate 50.2g , Salt equivalent 0.44g (estimated value)


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