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LIWA soap gift box-charcoal 100g + face serum 50ml

199,00 د.إ


  • Recommended As A Daily Cleanse Of Oily / Combination Skins Or Skins Prone To Breakouts Handmade Charcoal Camel Milk Soap Can Also Be Uses As A Weekly Detox On Normal And Problem Skins
  • All Natural Products Contain 25% Fresh Camel Milk And A Gentle Soap Base Made With With Olive And Coconut Oils, Castor And Rice Bran Oils And Enriched With Cocoa And Shea Butter
  • All Products From The Camel Soap Factory Are Free Of Added Chemicals, Paraben And Sulfates
  • A Gentle Range Of Soaps Especially Formulated For The Sensitive Facial Area

LIWA camel milk soap from the world’s largest camel milk handmade soap manufacturer, Pure natural, handmade. Sustainable Environmental friendly is a consistent theme of products. The specialty of camel milk soap: Moisturizing, repairing, whiten skin, shrink pores, delay aging at an organic whole, effectively improve all kinds of skin problems, powerful to oil, dirt and shrink pores, have the effect of clean thoroughly, and better able to absorb the moisture skin, restore elasticity and luster, camel milk handmade soap mild stimulus, for all kinds of skin are very friendly. All products have certification from the United Arab emirates and the European Union.

The go-to-treatment when your skin needs extra hydration. A rich and unique formula made with the ingredient that is deemed to be the new ‘it’ of skincare – Camel Milk. Camel milk is rich in Alpha-hydroxy Acids (AHAs) that gently exfoliates the skin by removing the top layers of dead cells and promotes healthier, firmer skin with a luminous matte finish. Crafted with 30% fresh camel milk and enriched with Omani Frankincense and Sweet Orange Essential oils it improves skin barrier protection, soothes irritations and enhances skin vitality.

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